If you can Dream it,

You can Live it

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"Support Your Local Artist"

Purchase a Painting from the Gallery 

or Commission Keio Creations to 

Create a Custom Painting

Go to the gallery section of this website to see all the gorgeous one of a kind paintings by Debby Dernberger Ryan. You can purchase one from the gallery or commission her to paint your own lovely creation you have always dreamed of!

We can Paint Mural from a template right onto the Walls in Your Home or Office

Give us a call and we can work on a layout together to create a lovely addition to your warm living space. A blank wall can be so drab. Spice things up a bit! We specialize in marbling, flowers, children's themes, stencils for a large repetitive pattern and so much more!

Sea Glass Mosaics 

What is sea glass you might be asking? I have collected sea glass for the last 5 years specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's glass that has been broken and dumped into the ocean; the ocean then re purposes it like a rock tumbler. When you see a smooth piece of glass lying on the beach; that has taken decades of smoothing by the waves to create that piece.

Sea Glass Jewelry

Using wire wrapping and other clever mountings we can take a jewelry quality piece of sea glass and create earrings, a pendant, rings and much more. With a great selections of all colors and types of sea glass to choose from the possibilities are endless.

Fine Art is Just a Step Away

Not only can you support your local artist but you can bring joy and beauty into your life. Everyone needs more peace and serenity in their lives; it is very gratifying to have custom art work that you have a hand in creating. Don't let the arts disappear in this high tech age! Call now to get creative! 650-771-2596

We Teach Art Classes

Whether it's an after school art class or at a senior living facility we can be there and teach much needed art classes. We have a variety of mediums like colored pencils, paint or gluing crafts; it is perfect opportunity to add an enriching elective that is so often not offered in schools any more. See resume in the "About" section for experience teaching disabled adults, senior and people of all ages!